Friday, October 31, 2008


Real Winners

Find out who you are and do it on purpose

    Not long ago the Olympics were held for people with physical disabilities. There were a lot of winners and no losers because each one of them had already won. They won when they had stepped past the verdict others had stamped on their lives.
    I was shocked that a guy with no legs won a race on the track. This person confirmed to me that people with physical limitations have a right to live a normal and full life.

    They are winners because they were able to look at themselves differently. They didn’t see themselves as the world sees them. They believed in themselves because at one time some believe in them and helped them to move on.

    Mother’s Care believes in the kids we minister to. We believe that God has a plan for them. We believe that they develop and can achieve many things. Sometimes we are just lacking in knowledge, but faithfulness will do its work.

   One example is Igor, who was diagnosed with hydrocephalus. When I say him for the first time I was surprised that he was able to hold up such a big head on such little shoulders. But Igor has a strong personality and an assertive spirit. God’s greatness combined with our faith and his perseverance did it for him.

    When he realized that he could use his legs and feet he began taking his first steps holing onto someone with both of his hands. When someone tried to sit him down in a chair Igor loudly disagreed. Then he started stepping out holding onto just one hand and now he needs no one to help him. He can walk by himself. He is developing just fine and is learning how to talk. He now understands what is good and what is bad. He gets very hurt when he is disciplined. Now he is four years old.
He is our winner!!!

     Igor is great encouragement for us. We often forget that when we plant a seed it needs time to bring fruit.

(by Vicktoria Tepliuk)